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Getting Ready and First Look


From zipping up the dress, to a pre-wedding toast with your bridal party, we film it all.  We have two videographers who split their time between the bride and groom to capture all the special memories leading up to the "I Do's."


We set up 3 cameras to be able to capture every look without hindering your guest's view. A wireless mic is placed on your officiant that leads to our camera to ensure we capture every word of your ceremony.


With 2 cameras at the reception, we are able to cover your nephew's chicken dance, while still capturing grandma's reactions. Relive your best man's funny speech and the joy of your first dance, as we capture all the special moments of your night.

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Video Packages

We believe in giving you the most possible memories, therefore we do not book by the hour but by the event.

Full Coverage Package ( $2000)

You will receive full-day coverage including getting ready footage,

venue tour, a 3 camera edited ceremony along with a 2 camera

edited coverage of your reception.  We arrive 1 hour before the couple dresses in their wedding attire and stay for your private last dance or sparkler send off. Average time is 9 hours, but it depends on your wedding timeline.

You will receive a 3 camera edited ceremony along with a 2 camera edited coverage of your reception. Average 6 hours on site, but it depends on the timeline of your wedding day.

Basic Package ( $1700)

Both Packages include 2 videographers, drone footage (weather permitting) and 2 wireless mic's that allow us to capture clean audio of your ceremony. Mic's are not for projection use and record back to our camera's only. The couple will receive all edited footage on a USB drive

Package Add On's

Montage: We take each highlight from your wedding day and piece them all together in  a 3-4 minute montage. We like to get these out to you within 72 hours, so that you may share them on social media sooner rather than later!  ($400)

30 Minute Wedding Movie: Longer than the montage, this movie is a condensed recap of your day, rather than the 2 hour video recap of items in real time, i.e. speeches. ($500)

LiveStreaming Ceremony: We will live stream a 1 camera angle of your ceremony so that friends and family can be a part of your special day. This option is dependant on your venue's internet capability. ( $400)

We are willing to work with any budget and offer payment plans if needed.  Unless specified as a wedding movie option, the average amount of edited footage is around 2 hours. This depends on the length of your ceremony, speeches, etc.

Why Multiple Cameras?

Multiple cameras means the best angle

With multiple cameras every aspect of your day is captured. While we may have 2-3 cameras recording at one time, you will not see all of the footage. We edit between multiple angles, so that we can bring you the best view of your day, while allowing for your photographers to get their shots. We work with your photographer's timeline to ensure the best use of your day, without having to spend additional time away from the moment.

What Sets Us Apart

We go above and beyond to help ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible. Everything from bustling your train to sewing on a button, we try to help in any way we can. We wear headsets throughout the day to coordinate, so that we never miss a shot, but also to coordinate the locations of the bride and groom at all times.


Missed Memories

Montages are great to show a friend a quick recap of your day, but your new family will want to enjoy watching the small details of your day. With two cameras, we are able to divide our time evenly between the bride and groom, as well as between cocktail hour and couple photos. This ensures that we are able to capture moments that you may not get a chance to see during the day.

Us too. We deliver your montage within seventy-two hours of your wedding day; as well as ship your fully edited wedding video within three weeks.

Wedding Day Jitters?

Hate Waiting?

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